About Us

Thank you for visiting Our Breeding Home, where we specialize in breeding selling social, family & personal protection dogs professionally trained for real life scenarios.  We are located in South Africa, We are not brokers, we own and care for each dog you see on this website and we ship them International and Worldwide.

Our dogs begin as puppies from specific imported bloodlines that are strictly evaluated then carefully chosen for our obedience or protection program.

We refuse more dogs than we accept into our program. Once accepted they are trained and handled by several of our highly experienced instructors including female handlers and children. Your new dog will behave and listen to you at home and in public, will be safe around your family, and will protect you and yours with its own life should the need arise.

When you invest in a professionally trained family or personal protection dog from  our home, you can be certain that you are getting the most for your money but more importantly that you are investing in a qualified canine specifically chosen and professionally trained for your needs, a canine with the right temperament, drive, personality, intelligence & character to compliment your lifestyle.

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