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 Many of our customers have purchased a second dog from us
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Gypsy is doing very well. She and Cam (our gsd) are good buddies now. The two of them have been really great Gypsytogether. Gypsy is reacting very well to commands. We are walking the neighborhood with her in the morning and evening as well as playing fetch at some point in the day. She plays in the shallow end of our pool every day too.

We are very happy with our new addition. She’s an amazing dog. Thank you!




Thank you for letting us visit with Foxy.  She is a great girl and I believe the right fit for our family. We spent a couple hours Saturday looking for the perfect bed for Foxy.  Kaeden laid in several before he picked one he thought would be warm enough for his dog. He asks everyday how much longer till she comes home.  

We look forward to seeing her next month.



Hi Ivan, I thought you’d love this photo…we did a photo shoot this morning and Apollo dutifully put up with the clown costume for 30+ minutes.  He was perfectly ok with it – I think this certainly shows the solid temperament of your dogs.



Huracan and I have become best friends. Best money I’ve ever spent, you should have charged me more for this fine dog! Send any customers with questions my way.



I cant even begin to tell you how happy i am with Fada. At 73 years old I needed a dog that would listen to me with no fuss and protect me. I was impressed with your facilities and the time we spent with Fada and i am glad i went to see you guys and practiced protection exercises before having her ship as i think she remembered me and listened to me from the beginning. I can take around the neighborhood and she socializes with everyone I say is ok and with children she is very protective, if they run and fall she goes to their side and sits by them. I cant even believe she is capable of the protection work i witness at your facility. What a wonderful german shepherd Fada is, she is like my shadow and i love this girl. I am so happy my daughter convinced me to get another dog. I exercise by walking her and my days are brighter. I also feel very safe and have peace of mind knowing she is by me. She doesn’t miss a beat and is very aware. If you need references give them my number.

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